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Changing the way we share design.

MawkMobile gives app designers the power to create interactive mobile prototypes of their app designs and share them with a single url.

Mobile Prototypes

Create interactive mobile prototypes of your app designs.

Quickly turn your static app designs into a fully-interactive, mobile prototype. Simply upload your full-res screen designs and add clickable touch points.

Share your app designs the way they're meant to be seen

Send a single project url to others to view natively on their iPhone. Mobile viewers can experience your prototype by interacting with your UI giving them a true sense of your app UX.

Organize and share every screen

Project artboards are automatically create as you add screens to your projects. When viewers visit your project url from their computer, they'll see how every screen fits together.

View every pixel in high resolution

Select any screen on your artboard to view in a mobile simulator. Share every detail of your design with your team or clients. Post your project url on your website, portfolio, or along with your shots on Dribbble to give people a better way to see your designs.

Project Artboards

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